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A proactive system for measuring and improving your financial and operating performance is essential for building a stronger and more productive company. Ivener Management Group monitors clients’ financial performance on an ongoing basis, by utilizing clean, concise and useful reports that demonstrate the current financial health of their construction business.

We pride ourselves in providing the discipline and focus to interpret and track what is important to your company—we evaluate results, help you to gain control of cash flow, and analyze backlog and overhead. We then provide you with objective advice to reach and maintain a more profitable standard. IMG’s monitoring services enable you to not only discover practical ways to strengthen your company’s financial performance, but also to create a “new norm” based on best-in-class systems incorporated into your company’s culture. Our monitoring activities for clients include:


  • Measuring performance against objectives

  • Analyzing current performance gaps and projecting future performance levels

  • Providing trend analyses

  • Communicating findings and establishing function goals

  • Developing action plans

  • Implementing specific action plans and monitoring progress

  • Analyzing and measuring performance against similar companies

  • Developing customized metrics to align measurement of performance with strategic initiatives and objectives

  • Management succession planning to recruit, retain, and train talented individuals to one day manage your company

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