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Helping companies navigate the critical and challenging phases of the business life cycle is our specialty.  With insightful strategies, creative solutions and objective guidance, we work closely with you to create a plan that will ensure your years of hard work will be transitioned effectively to maximize the return for the future.

Ownership transfer and succession are two very different things. 
Ownership Transfer equates to the mechanics of transferring ownership in an efficient manner.  Management succession, however, is the key to any plan's success because the next generation of leadership is who will protect everyone’s investment - not only for stakeholders’ interests, but for all of the families who will be relying on the success and sustainability of the organization.

Our Ownership Transfer and Management Succession services include:
  • Goals Assessment to identify, clarify and prioritize your business succession and continuity goals.

  • Ownership transition planning to help you achieve optimal liquidity, manage the tax impact, and select and structure an appropriate  ownership transfer plan.

  • Contingency planning to cover problems resulting from an untimely death or disability, or other trigger events.

  • Management succession planning to identify, recruit, retain, and train talented individuals to one day manage your company.

  • Objective analysis of the financial impact on your business relating to various succession strategies.

  • ESOP feasibility phase one studies.

  • Risk management strategies to include, existing or proposed buy/sell agreements.

  • Buy- and Sell-Side advisory, maximizing company value in transactions. 

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