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We help our clients build and manage the risk inherent to their industry. We work to take our clients from operating a business to running an organization, and we do that by implementing the right systems and controls. We help clients break down the financials to what’s relevant to them.


Our business advisory services include:

Financial monitoring services

Quarterly financial updates

Strategic Planning

Earnings and cash flow optimization
Debt and capital management plans

Financial projections

Pre-qualification reports

Break-even analysis

We know that the construction industry is a volatile and cyclical industry - we bring years of experience and advisory to our construction-related clients every day.  We help them run their company by the numbers by providing timely, accurate and interpreted information.  In addition to the services above,
our construction-specific services also include:

Contract schedule design

Depreciation schedules

Equipment costing

Replace vs repair analysis

Strategy systems improvements

Litigation support

Bond enhancement strategies

Cost feasibility studies
Job costing services

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