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We help clients evaluate, design and implement employee engagement, retention and incentive plans that strive for the proper alignment of employee and company interests. We help put the right plan together to secure the next generation of leadership and to incentivize key employees.


Our design expertise includes in-depth knowledge of a variety of plan types:
Equity Based
Synthetic Ownership

Shared Ownership

Performance Bonus Programs

Non Qualified Deferred Compensation

Supplemental Executive Retirement

Stock Appreciation Rights

Phantom Stock / Restricted Stock

What our design process entails:
  • Documenting your corporate goals and objectives

  • Providing leadership assessments

  • Conducting employee interviews

  • Modeling the Plan

    • Identify design options tied to your company's strategic plan

    • Pre-experience the results via corporate modeling with cash flow and earnings projections

    • Compare and contrast to additional options

  • Design the chosen Plan

  • Assist with preparation of plan documents and agreements

  • Implement the Plan and guide the roll out

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