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Ivener Management Group is a trusted partner and provider of proactive comprehensive advisory services covering all facets of one’s financial planning needs. We provide a full range of services for the development, implementation, management and ongoing oversight of a comprehensive wealth strategy. We believe that many business owners desire a trusted advisor to provide comprehensive financial advisory services covering their core business and personal and family affairs.

With an objective 360 degree financial advisory relationship, we act as your “financial quarterback” and provide risk sensitive and objective advice regarding all facets of your financial planning needs. Our full range of services include multi-generational management of wealth (personal and business assets), estate planning and trustee services, insurance planning and procurement, as well as retirement planning.

We appreciate that creating a true premium relationship requires a MATTER OF TRUST™. Together with you, we develop an understanding of where you are today in order to help you reach where you want to be tomorrow.

Ivener Advisory Group takes an objective approach and recognizes that each situation brings on its own complexities, whether the focus is building retirement wealth, insuring against loss, reducing taxes, or estate planning. The objective of the firm is a team concept to help clients to develop a true quality relationship with a group of professionals to manage these issues. We manage and organize our solutions to simplify and protect our client’s lives. Our clients derive great confidence and comfort from our approach.

Because the world is constantly changing, our approach creates a strategic plan for each client that is focused on long term goals; we vigilantly review changing conditions and respond proactively. Our clients appreciate these concierge level services provided by our team. Ivener Advisory Group celebrates a proven track record as a trusted strategic partner, helping clients navigate the ever-changing financial landscape and other complex issues that they face. We are fully dedicated to acting as the leading advocate for the financial health and wellbeing of your family and business.


Our mission is to be a trusted partner by utilizing our expertise, commitment, objectivity and competence, as well as leveraging our strong relationships for the benefit of our clients. At Ivener Advisory Group, we don’t just do things for the sake of doing them; we do things right.

The overemphasis on the avoidance of estate taxes causes business owners to adopt strategies that are – bluntly – unwise when it comes to the needs and wishes of the family and the business stakeholders. Put the focus back where it belongs: on the practical needs and wishes of the family and business. Tailor your strategies around those needs rather than being myopically focused on avoiding taxation.

Because estate planning is complicated and business owners are unfamiliar with the lingo and tools of planning, they often fall prey to three simple but all too common mistakes. Our thorough process rectifies the mistakes and, as a result, can save millions of dollars of unnecessary taxation while simultaneously providing for long term family and business health.

One of the common fears of business owners is that – through well intentioned gift and tax avoidance strategies – they’ll put great wealth into the hands of family members who aren’t ready for it. They want their children and grandchildren to be productive members of society, but they worry about how young people could be affected by receiving large sums of money or other assets.

Help your family determine the meaning and purpose of your mutual success – and pass those values along to others without damaging your heirs with too much too soon.

Source: Fundera

As a small business owner, you have dozens of things competing for your attention on a daily basis. Marketing your product or service, hiring staff, invoicing customers… the list goes on. Most business owners are too busy taking care of the here and now to think about the future. In fact, 30% of business owners have no estate plan, and many of those who do haven’t updated their estate plan recently.

Business estate planning helps ensure that your business matters are handled according to your wishes when you die or if you become disabled. This is not a subject most people want to think about, but good planning will protect the business that you’ve worked so hard on and poured so many resources into. This is true for all businesses but especially for family-owned businesses that you want to pass down to the next generation.

Estate planning for small business owners involves a long, detailed discussion with a lawyer and financial advisor who are experienced in estate and succession planning. But there are some things that you can start thinking about now to inform your discussion. Here’s what you need to know to put together a comprehensive business estate plan.

Planning is central to just about every aspect of business, and your estate is no exception to the rule.

What you put together should stay together.

Our Wealth Preservation and Estate Planning services include:
  • Multi-generational Management of wealth, both personal and business assets

  • Estate planning, wealth transfer and related tax issues

  • Estate administration and trustee services

  • Insurance planning and procurement

  • Retirement planning

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