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Joseph B. Saffer, President
American Automatic Sprinkler Company, Inc.

“Exceptional people stand out over time. Tony is one of those few. He provides a great service to the construction industry and has been a key person in the growth and success of my business with his best fit solutions for any situation. I value our relationship and look forward to many more years.”

John Ennis, Jr., CEO
Ennis Electric Company, Inc.

"In these economic times we must pay close attention to our businesses and recognize our strengths and weaknesses. Partnering with Ivener Management Group has allowed us to concentrate on what has made us successful while they provide an accurate, objective analysis of our financial well-being.  We can trust that Tony and Erica understand not only the industry but specifically our company.  They comprehensively monitor our position to help us protect our company.  We enjoy the benefit of their knowledge and experience and the great value they provide us.”

Wade Meadows, President
KBR Corporation

“I began working with Tony when I purchased KBR Corporation in 2003. Tony had worked closely with my previous partners on the sale of the company and helped to make passing the torch as easy as possible. Although I didn’t sleep much the first three months after the purchase, Tony helped me stay focused and keep my eye on the ball. I consider Tony one of my biggest assets in business as well as a dear friend. His knowledge of the construction industry is endless and the “special sauce” he is able to use when working on taxes and other financial issues has been a great help and educational experience for me and my co-workers.  I can’t thank Tony enough for his personal concern and involvement in making my company a success today.”

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